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Overseas Chinese Professionals Encouraged to Serve Motherland

BEIJING-- A senior Chinese official Monday called on overseas Chinese professionals to contribute to the economic development and revitalization of the motherland.

Vice-Premier Li Lanqing, also a member of the Political Bureau Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, praised the overseas professionals for their participation in the construction of the country at a meeting with a delegation of overseas Chinese professionals.

An estimated more than 300,000 Chinese professionals are studying or living overseas at present, who, Li said, are a piece of treasure and an important force in building the country.
Li told the delegation that China has recorded considerable achievements in 2000. The national economy has been growing rapidly and with better performance, the target to help large and mid-sized state-owned enterprises turn losses into profits in three years has been almost realized, and both financial revenue and foreign trade have increased by a big margin.

All this demonstrates that China has overcome the difficulties caused by the Asian financial crisis and realized a favorable turn in economic development, Li said.

In the future, China will actively develop the high-tech industry and implement its strategy of developing the western region, he said, adding that this provides opportunities for overseas professionals to serve the motherland.

The Chinese government is creating better investment and working conditions for overseas professionals to develop their own career when back at home, he said.

Li expressed the hope that the delegation, which was organized by the All-Japan Federation of Overseas Chinese Professionals, would take a careful study during the current visit and encourage more overseas professionals to cooperate with their partners at home.

The All-Japan Federation of Overseas Chinese Professionals, founded in 1998, has organized 18 similar visits for overseas professionals to return home, during which many have found cooperative partners or research projects.

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